2023 Scream team

Casting for the 2023 season is here. If you’re interested in getting your scare on as part of the Haunt Park Fright Team, apply today!

The dedicated and enthusiastic members of the Haunt Park Scream Team can’t imagine being anywhere else during October, but they would probably tell you that acting in a haunted house is the hardest job they’ve ever loved! It’s a high-energy role that demands hard work, discipline, commitment, and a willingness to take direction.

We don’t simply hire employees—we aim to build a team that shares a passion for what we do. If you’re just looking for a job to make a few extra bucks, plenty of fast food places are looking for help. If you’re that person who starts getting excited about Halloween in March and wakes up depressed on November 1st, we would like to meet you.


Working at a haunted attraction is a fairly unusual job, but the common sense rules and responsibilities that you would expect with any job also apply at Haunt Park. Your attendance, timeliness, and positive work ethic are expected and critical to the smooth operation of the attraction and the satisfaction of our customers.

Haunt Park is open to the public just ten nights a year. We are looking for people who can be here each of those nights, and be on time. We do hire stand-in staff with less availability, but we can’t guarantee hours for those positions. The Haunt Park Scream Team is proud to put on West Michigan’s most terrifying show. As they say, “THE SHOW MUST GO ON” and that requires the attendance and commitment of each and every Scream Team Member.

Start the process by clicking the link below and completing the online application. It takes just a few minutes to complete. We will follow-up with you to schedule an interview. Feel free to submit an online application any time of the year, but please note that we typically don’t start scheduling interviews for the upcoming season until late May.