Kalamazoo's only scream park

4 great attractions one location. We are the largest haunted attraction within a 45 min drive of Kalamazoo

The state’s most notorious killer, Floyd Cranston, is lurking in THE BACKWOODS surrounding the world’s most brutal psychiatric prison. More than a decade of isolation in PSYCHO WARD’S Cell Block D, a horror show housing an unimaginable scene of chaos and mayhem, has made Floyd an even more evil and twisted psychotic. Now, Floyd’s clan of twisted misfits, and their victims, are roaming the grounds of PSYCHO WARD and are eager to welcome anyone who DARES TO ENTER!!!

The rotting abandoned corpses strewn about Nightmares should have been warning enough, but now you’re on your own in this terrifying world controlled by the undead. Stay alert and watch your back. It’s best to forget about the dawdlers. They weren’t meant to survive anyway. Just say your goodbyes and SAVE YOURSELF!!!

In 1997 the railway cars from the most famous circus derailed just behind our beloved mansion.  The bodies of many of the clowns were so badly mangled that many could not be retrieved. The survivors stumbled upon The Mansion and called it their own. The halls are filled with the haunting souls of the dead clowns and rooms are occupied with the disfigured survivors. Will you make it out alive?

Camp Crystal Lake Paintball is your chance to save the campers and counselors of Camp Crystal Lake before the most infamous killer of our time gets them first. You will have 50 rounds of paint loaded in your guns ready to take down anything in the woods with a hockey mask.